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Expansion and Community Outreach

March 2023 marked a significant step in NFJ Ballet’s expansion with a Summer Dance Workshop at the Ayala Alabang Country Club. The school successfully brought together students from Tagaytay and Alabang. The synergy of both schools blossomed into a masterful recital held at the De La Salle Theater in July 2023. The recital showcased not only the talent of the Filipino students but also the participation of Malaysian students under the school’s scholarship program.

Relocation and International Success (2021-2023)

In 2021, NFJ Ballet relocated to Tagaytay Christian Academy School in Tagaytay, setting the stage for a new chapter. The school not only survived but thrived, showcasing its resilience by participating in the Malaysia Ballet Festival in February 2023, where students earned their first-ever gold and silver awards. Subsequently, the school achieved recognition in Thailand in October 2023 at the International Arts Festival, securing a bronze medal and potential accolades during the ceremony.

Adaptation and Challenges (2020-2021)

Undeterred by challenges, NFJ Ballet embraced online teaching during the lockdown, navigating the uncertainties with resilience. The school’s commitment to providing quality education prevailed, marking a challenging but transformative period in its history.

Foundation and Inception (2016-2020)

In November 2016, the NFJ Ballet, initially known as the LPU Dance Academy in partnership with the Lyceum of the Philippines University, Cavite, was founded by Naomi Jaena and Francis Jaena Jr. With a combined professional experience of 35 years as ballet dancers, their passion for dance and commitment to giving back to the community led to the establishment of the school. In the early years, the academy flourished, attracting students and establishing itself as a prominent institution in the dance community. The school conducted recitals and collaborations with university events, gaining recognition and earning an invitation to participate in the Ballet Philippines 50th-anniversary celebration at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. However, the partnership with LPU faced a temporary setback due to the global pandemic in 2020, leading to a pause in physical classes.

Why Dance?

There are many reasons for us to dance, but the best answer is Why not?

Today we give you 10. We will give you more!

  1. Dance is the best form of aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  2. Dance promotes good mental health
  3. Dance trains  good posture
  4. Dance promotes creativity
  5. Dance is an expression
  6. Dance gives us joy
  7. Dance promotes self confidence
  8. Dance fosters camaraderie and friendships
  9. Dance sets a good discipline

Dance training carries you through life.

Dance for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a common, disabling, brain condition. The person can show slowness and stiffness of movement, tremors and postural instability. The disease is  slowly progressive. The available treatment   affords symptomatic relief from these symptoms..

Physical exercise is associated with not only a lower risk of developing PD but improves disease symptoms, mobility, balance, gait and quality of life in patients with PD.

Dance for Parkinsons disease shows very promising results for improvement in both motor and non motor symptoms of PD. Dance music with time structure has a profound effect of rhythm on the motor system.  Some mechanisms that may account for the improvements noted with dance therapy include external cuing derived from  either the music,  from the partner or the facilitator, as well as specific movements incorporated in the form of dance.

The specific exercises of dance  have been found to yield improved overall functional fitness, with improved quality of life and emotional domain.  Thus patients with Parkinsons disease who participated in dance class may have apparent improvement even off the medications. Watch out for one of our community commitment programs! Dance for Parkinson’s Disease!